How To Buy A Domain That Is Already Owned

So, you want to have your new website and your domain is already taken. It feels so bad when your dream domain is already owned by somebody else.

But, you shouldn’t be worried. You can still own your cherished domain name. However, you just have to wait for some time to own it.

Millions of domains are created every day. Hence, it’s perfectly natural that your domain name is already owned by somebody else. Now, you have to follow a perfect process to buy it from the current owner. Though, sometimes the owner may not sell the domain to you. But, most of the time you can successfully buy a domain that is already owned by another person.

So, read the following guidelines and follow the steps.

How To Buy A Domain That Is Already Owned

1) Don’t Console Yourself With A Different TLD

Your brand or your business website name may have been owned by another person. But, it doesn’t mean that you will go after a different TLD.

TLD in simpler terms means the extensions like – .com, .net, or .org. Now, many people purchase a domain with a different TLD. (not .com)

You should never do this. Because search engines love .com extensions. Moreover, people may forget your domain extensions. As a result, owning a domain with a different TLD would never be a wise choice. So, try to own a domain with a .com extension.

2) Find Out The Current Health Of The Domain

The current state of a domain can help you to buy it. Just visit the website and have a look at it. If the website is updated, then you may not get a chance to buy it. But, if the website looks bleak, then the owner of the website may not like to own it.

Some owners want to sell their domains. So, you can visit domain auction platforms and you can buy it.

3) Know The Owner

Your next job is to find the owner and to know more about him/her. WHOIS is a great service that can help you to find out about the owner. It’s just a like phone diary. So, you can find the emails, names, and phone numbers of the owner.

But, if the owner has chosen privacy protection, then it might be difficult for you to know anything about the owner. In some cases, the email address remains true. Therefore, you can email the owner and it might reach him/her.

4) Asses A Price

Now, after knowing the owner of the website, you need to assess the price of the website. Though, some owners may charge an abnormally high price. But, if you move smartly, then you can still buy the domain at a lower rate.

The first thing about the domain is that how old is it! An old domain is truly valuable. Then, you should know about the keywords used in the domain name.

The famous keywords can always keep your website on top of the search. Hence, before assessing the value of the website, you should notice the popularity of the keywords.

The next thing is the brevity of the domain name. Your domain name may be a long one. In that case, it would be harder to remember it. This means you shouldn’t pay a high price for a long and complicated domain name.

5) Start The Negotiation Process

After that, it’s time to contact the owner. Sometimes, you may not find the owner directly. So, you may have to bypass your email through somebody.

But, it’s always profitable to negotiate the price with the actual owner. Because the real domain owner knows – the percentage or profit and loss in a better way.

Negotiation is a subtle art and you should know everything about it. According to experts, you should never put a price

first. Because the domain owner should say the price. Then, you can bargain over it.

You can lower the price by showing various reasons. The domain may not be applicable to versatile markets and it may be valuable only for a specific market. Moreover, complex domain names and bad keywords can also help you to lower the domain’s price. However, find a good auction market and buy a domain.

6) Buy The Domain Safely

Safety is the most important thing when buying a domain. There are laws regarding domain buying and selling. Furthermore, you should transfer your money safely. So, you can take the help of a third party to buy the domain.

For example – GODAADY is a popular website and it offers an aftermarket platform. They have domain sale agreements and they have a safe money transfer process.

Like GODADDY, more websites can help you to buy a domain safely. Sometimes, after transferring the money, you may not get full ownership of a domain. Third-party sites can help you to transfer the ownership of a site without any legal problems. That’s why choose a great aftermarket platform to buy your domain safely.

7) Try Backordering

If all the above methods fail, then you can try backordering. Every domain has an expiry date. After a domain expires, it becomes available for buying.

Now, the process of manually tracking a domain to get expired is called backordering. When you backorder a domain, you wait for the expiry of the domain.

But, sometimes it may not be possible to keep tracking a domain. In that case, you can register on a third-party website and the site will track your domain. Thus, you may get a chance to buy your dream domain.

To conclude it can be said that you should never lose hope. You can choose ccTLDs and alternative TLDs. Though your website may not get high recognition in the US. But, if you live elsewhere in the world, then your domain can become famous.

Buying your dream domain may not look easy. But, if you follow the above steps and if you don’t mistakes, then you can own it. Sometimes, the owner of the domain may ask for a high price. However, you should pay the price if your domain is worth it. Otherwise, you can add some verbs or some words to your domain and you can own a fresh domain. So, follow the above smart steps and buy your dream domain easily.